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Does CBD make you "high"?
No, the cannabinoid, Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-phycoactive and there for does not make you "high" or and any hallucinogenic properties that THC does.

Does CBD have any proven drug interactions?
There are no studies showing the that there are any drug interactions using CBD and other drugs. However it is wise to consult with a professional doctor if one is making dietary changes.

Where is your CBD extracted from?
Our high quality CBD is extract from the Hemp Plant. Hemp contains low levels of THC and has been harvested for centuries in Scandinavia for its plethora of uses. It can be used for many things from rope production to building materials. As such, Scandinavian hemp contains the highest concentrations of CBD available.

Is CBD safe for my pet?
Yes, CBD is known to be safe for all pets and has many benefits as well.

What is the difference between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD?
Products that are Full Spectrum contain CBD as well as other cannabinoids, while CBD Isolate is 99% pure isolated CBD. Cannabinoids affect every individual differently and determining which product is most effective depends on personal needs and preferences.

What intake methods do you offer?
We currently offer vapes, edibles, sublinguals and capsules. We plan to add topicals to our line in the near future.

How should I store my CBD?
Storing CBD at room temperature out of direct sunlight is recommended. If you have a wax based product that tends to soften, storing in the refrigerator can be helpful.

What is the shelf life of CBD products?
Usually the shelf life on any CBD product is 2 years,